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We're Envious Of The New Toyota GR86 Special Edition

Written on May 29, 2022 Reading time: 2 mins
We're Envious Of The New Toyota GR86 Special Edition

Toyota has had a wonderful year so far, setting sales records in the first quarter with its sports car lineup, which includes the GR86 and GR Supra. And the GR Corolla is sweeping the automobile industry. The Toyota GR86 is particularly popular, and many overseas markets have sold out. This no-nonsense rear-wheel-drive sports vehicle returns in 2022 with greater power and dynamic capabilities, and special versions are already on the way. We learnt in April that Toyota would release a 10th anniversary GR86 in 2023, and now we've learned of two additional special editions, both of which are only available in Spain, and they have us seeing green.

The Toyota GR86 RZ is the sole trim level available in Spain, and it comes with a manual transmission, 17-inch wheels with Michelin Primacy tires, and a cloth interior. Unfortunately, the GR86 will not be available in Spain with an Alcantara interior, heated seats, or alloy pedals, but two special editions will be available: the Touring Pack and the Circuit Pack. The Touring Pack includes Gazoo Racing high-friction brake pads, Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires (225/40 R18), and 18-inch alloy wheels for 35,400 euros (about $37,500).

Crystal White Pearl, Ignition Red, and Crystal Black Silica are the colors available for both limited edition automobiles. Toyota Spain has placed an order for 100 of these special kits, with another 500 set to arrive by 2024, when the GR86's sales in that nation would come to an end owing to stricter pollution restrictions. Although the Touring and Circuit packages will not be available in the United States, we have a thriving aftermarket tuning sector that will come up with something even better and cheaper.

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