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The Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo Is A Hybrid Monster With 426 HP

Written on May 27, 2022 Reading time: 3 mins
The Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo Is A Hybrid Monster With 426 HP

You'll recognize a Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak if you're old enough to recall the first Gran Turismo game. Grand Turismo and Suzuki have such a close relationship that the Japanese automaker went to the bother of designing a digital concept car specifically for the game.

But first, let's return to the Escudo. It was the automobile to have, and having it meant you'd won the game. Nothing else was even close to being quick enough to take it on. Enjoy the lovely piece of nostalgia below as a remembrance.

Gran Turismo featured only 140 automobiles to choose from, and the majority of them were basic hatchbacks from Japanese manufacturers. This was before companies recognized how effective the game might be as a marketing tool. We had a thing for the Mazda MX-5 Miata from 1992, and now we have one of our own. It's still as sluggish as it was during the game.

Sorry for rambling, but Suzuki recently highlighted how drastically things have evolved in the last few years.

Gran Turismo was initially shunned by a few of manufacturers, but Suzuki was not one of them. Grand Turismo started with over 420 automobiles, but thanks to over-the-air upgrades, that number will continue to expand. There isn't a single brand missing from the list, and Ferrari even allowed the developers to scan and record automobiles like the 2014 FXX and the 1971 365 GTB/4. However, you must begin with a Honda Fit.

Returning to Suzuki's new digital strategy. It's called the Gran Turismo Vision, and it's a lot more than a computer representation.

Gran Turismo's architects went to considerable efforts to provide a realistic driving experience, thus Suzuki had to come up with accurate dimensions and a propulsion system.

Suzuki drew heavily on its history while designing the Vision Gran Turismo. The Vision is a compact two-seater with a lightweight aluminum body from a well-known small vehicle manufacturer. Suzuki claims that it only weights 970 kg (2,140 pounds).

Suzuki resorted to its equally well-known motorbike division for power. The 1,340 cc Hayabusa engine is hidden behind the Vision's large hood. As if that weren't enough, Suzuki threw in three electric motors to keep it in the game. At 9,700 rpm, the overall power output is 426 horsepower.

Unfortunately, in Gran Turismo 7, the Vision Gran Turismo will only be accessible in digital format, but it's better than nothing, right?

GT7's Launch Edition is presently available for $69. Suzuki did not clarify whether the Vision Gran Turismo will be included in the game right now, but you can bet it will make its way into your virtual garage shortly.

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