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Ford GT Holman Moody Heritage Edition Pays Tribute To Iconic Le Mans Victory

Written on Apr 11, 2022 Reading time: 4 mins
Ford GT Holman Moody Heritage Edition Pays Tribute To Iconic Le Mans Victory

The legendary rivalry between Ford and Ferrari is well-known. The Dearborn-based automaker was enraged by old man Enzo's unexpected unwillingness to sell his company to the Blue Oval, so they set out to design something that would give the Prancing Horse a run for its money at Le Mans.

As a result, the GT40 was born, along with one of the greatest automotive stories ever told. Ford beat Ferrari at its own game, with the GT40 winning Le Mans with an astounding 1-2-3 finish, thanks to industrial know-how and plenty of cash. It's become a recognized classic car since then, with specimens selling for millions of dollars.

The American automaker has built a totally unique Ford GT named the Holman Moody Heritage Edition in commemoration of this extraordinary narrative. It will debut alongside the 1966 MkII racer at the 2022 New York Auto Show, as the original prototype did 58 years ago.

The 2022 model, like the original, is a vision with Holman Moody Gold painting. We got our first look at the soul-stirring supercar early this year, but nothing could have prepared us for the final product. The auriferous lacquer looks fantastic with the Heritage Red and Oxford White accents, and it also pays homage to the winning MK II GT40 race vehicle.

Mike Severson, Ford GT program manager, said, "Of all the Ford GT Heritage Edition liveries we've done, the Holman Moody Heritage Edition's can't-miss distinctive gold and red theme is an epic monument to our 1966 Le Mans finish." The Holman Moody race team was a vital component of the GT40's success story, for those who are unaware. Holman Moody helped build the brakes capable of slowing a 200-mph car, and without it, the Ferrari beater may never have gotten its frightening reputation.

The race team was tasked with improving the MK II and altered the brakes, suspension, and tire configurations in order to win the 1966 event. This passion has culminated in the Holman Moody Heritage Edition.

Aside from the beautiful livery, the limited-edition supercar features the iconic racing roundels on the hood, rear wing, and doors, as well as the No.5 on the hood, rear wing, and doors. The black-painted Brembo brake calipers, which have subtle silver logos, are housed on tastefully crafted 20-inch wheels.

Inside the cozy cabin, the theme continues. The gold stitching on the Alcantara-trimmed carbon seats matches the delicate gold embroidery on the instrument panel, door register bezels, and seat X-brace. The paddle-shifters give a lovely touch to Holman Moody Gold, and they're an incredible visual delight.

The dominating Ebony inside color softens the gold embellishments. The instrument panel has a touch of leather, but Alcantara is utilized liberally throughout the cabin, with the gripping material covering the pillars, headliner, and, as previously stated, seats. The cockpit is enlivened by swaths of carbon fiber on the door sills and console. On the door panels, the number 5 is repeated.

Despite the fact that this GT pays homage to the past, it is nonetheless a modern supercar. Carbon fiber that has been exposed can be found almost anywhere. The lightweight material is evident in the beautifully crafted 20-inch wheels, front splitter, engine louvers, rear diffuser, and several other components. While the original was fast in its day, it pales in comparison to its replacement.

With a light carbon fiber body, 660 horsepower, and a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, not much can keep up with this working-class hero - just as it was in the 1960s. While it isn't the first special edition GT, it is undoubtedly one of the most stunning. The Ford GT Alan Mann Heritage Edition, like its golden cousin, pays homage to the GT40's racing history.

"This latest Ford GT celebrates the Holman Moody race team's know-how and capacity to out-innovate global competition," said Severson, referring to one of the most well-known Ford GT40 race cars. Customers who are lucky enough to be chosen will receive their golden beauties in the spring.

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