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2021 Audi R8 Specifications

About 2021 Audi R8

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2021 Audi R8:

The most common supercar that can be used every day. Because it’s an Audi, because the cabin will contain 95th percentile people, because it’s ergonomically sound, because it’s reliable and well built and comes from a company that builds approximately 1.8 million other reliable, well built cars every year.

But also: screaming 8,700rpm V10. Unusual juxtaposition. Audi, righteous doyenne of the Waitrose class, being one of the last bastions of natural aspiration. When all others are downsizing and turbocharging (to the detriment of noise and response) the R8 persists with a free-breathing 5.2-litre V10. It won’t always be like this. We know a V6 hybrid is coming – in fact we’re almost surprised it’s not here yet – but for the time being the range begins and ends with V10.

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Number of cylinders : 10
Engine Code : bj2015
Fuel type : Petrol
Engine Alignment : Longitudinal
Engine Position : Mid-engine
Engine size : 5,2 l V10
Bore x Stroke : 84.5mm × 92.8mm
Number of valves : 40
Aspiration : Naturally Aspirated
Compression Ratio : 12.5
Horsepower : 532 hp @ 7,800 rpm (397 kW)
Maximum torque : 398 lb·ft @ 6,300 rpm (540 N·m)
Drivetrain : RWD
Transmission Gearbox : 7-speed automatic
Fuel Consumption
Fuel Consumption : 14.1 L/100km
Range : 588 km
Fuel Tank Capacity : 83 l (18 gal)
CO2 emissions : 329 g/km
Top Speed : 324 km/h (201 mph)
Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62 mph) : 3.7s
Selling Price : $167,800

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