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2006 Westfield Sport 2000S FW Specifications

About 2006 Westfield Sport 2000S FW

2006 Westfield Sport 2000S FW:

Westfield's Sport 2000S FW (feather weight) lives up to it's name with an incredibly low kerb weight of just 420kg, the benefits of which are reflected in the superb acceleration times. With just 250bhp the FW rockets to 100mph in just 8.5sec. Even more impressive is the scant 12.3sec taken to get from rest to 100mph and back to rest again.

Not so impressive however is the build quality. Fit and finish is poor and the whole driving experience is quite raw (race style straight cut gears may be fast but they are far from smooth). In it's favour the Sport features newly designed 'curved' bodywork, breaking the mould of the classic Westfield look - and the better it is for it.

2006 Westfield Sport 2000S FW rating:
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Number of cylinders : 4
Engine Code : -
Fuel type : Petrol
Engine Alignment : Longitudinal
Engine Position : Front
Engine size : 1999 cc, 122 in3
Bore x Stroke : -
Number of valves : 16
Aspiration : Naturally aspirated
Compression Ratio : -
Horsepower : 250 bhp (183 KW) @ 7500rpm
Maximum torque : 260 Nm (192 lb/ft) @ 6000rpm
Drivetrain : RWD
Transmission Gearbox : 6 Speed Semi Auto
Fuel Consumption
Fuel Consumption : -
Range : -
Fuel Tank Capacity : -
CO2 emissions : -
Top Speed : 238 km/h, 148 mph
Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62 mph) : 3.6 s
Selling Price : $30,000

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