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2021 Bugatti Chiron Specifications

About 2021 Bugatti Chiron

2021 Bugatti Chiron:

Bugatti Chiron shares the same engine like the Veyron, 8.0L quad-turbocharged W16 engine which has been masively upgraded. It now generates power output of 1,103 kW (1500 Hp) at 6700 rpm and 1,600 Nm or tourque which starts from 2,000 and all the way up to 6,000 rpm. For example, the engine from Bugatti Veyron Super Sport generates 300 hp less than Chiron and the engine from original Veyron 499 hp less power.

Like all of the Bugatti's, the Chiron is made out of carbon fibre body structure, independent suspension and a Haldex All-wheel drive system. Like its predecessor, the Veyron, the Chiron utilises a carbon fibre body structure, independent suspension and a Haldex All-wheel drive system.The carbon fibre body has a stiffness of 50,000 Nm per degree.

As the Bugatti states, the Chiron can accelerate from 0 - 100 km/h in 2.4 seconds, 0 - 200 km/h in 6.5 seconds and 0 - 300 km/h in 13.6 seconds. In 2017 Bugatti tested the Chiron reached the top speed of 400 km/h in 32.6 seconds which was the new world record. To stop the Chiron it took only 9.4 seconds to standstill.

The Chiron's top speed is electronically limited to 420 km/h (261 mph), or 375–380 km/h (233–236 mph) without the specific key, for safety reasons, mainly arising from the tyres as Bugatti concluded that no tyre currently manufactured would be able to handle the stress at the top speed the Chiron is capable of achieving. Independent testing by an owner has indicated that the Chiron can easily attain its limited top speed. Mixed fuel consumption is 22.5 L/100 km.

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Number of cylinders : 16
Engine Code : W16
Fuel type : Petrol
Engine Alignment : Longitudinal
Engine Position : mid-engine
Engine size : 7,993 cc (8.0 L)
Bore x Stroke : 86.0 x 86.0 mm 3.39 x 3.39 inches
Number of valves : 64
Aspiration : Quad - Turbo
Compression Ratio : 9.0:1
Horsepower : 1500 Hp
Maximum torque : 1600 Nm
Drivetrain : AWD
Transmission Gearbox : seven-speed automatic
Fuel Consumption
Fuel Consumption : 22.5 L/100km
Range : 450 km
Fuel Tank Capacity : 100 L
CO2 emissions : 516g/km
Top Speed : 304.773 mph
Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62 mph) : 2.4 s
Selling Price : $3,000,000

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